beggar_0126th Alexandria Biennale AWARD!

New Beggar robot was constructed for the 26th Alexandria Biennale for Mediterranean Countries, Alexandria, Egipt. Opening on June 7th 2014
and Ars Electronica , Linz, Austria, 4.-8. September 2014.



Statement of the Jury of the 26th Alexandria Biennale:

We, the jury of the 26th Alexandria Biennale, are very happy to have had the honor to serve. We recognize its historical importance as the oldest biennial on the African continent, and we congratulate the president and organizers on their efforts to revive and preserve its fine tradition, and to make it ever more relevant in the 21st century.

After much deliberation the jury has decided that the Alexandria Lighthouse Award should go to Huda Lutfi (Egypt).

The jury was very impressed with the richness and complexity of her work and the high quality of the technical production. We were also moved by the immediacy and pertinence of her subject matter which is very relevant to the theme of the Biennale, as well as its inherent poeticism.

The jury also decided to award the Alexandria Biennale prizes to:

– Arwa Abouon (Libya) for the way her work negotiates important questions of faith and identity in a very direct and personal manner.

– Kamal El Feky (Egypt) for the complexity and humanity of his sculpture.

And Saso Sedlacek (Slovenia)  for work that is both engaging and humorous in terms of how it applies artistic strategies of recycling and open source to an ever-globalizing set of social and environmental issues.


Olu Oguibe – Chair
Thomas Eller – Member
Selene Wendt – Member
Faisal Samra – Member
Ndêyê Mané Touré – Member
Mohamed Shaker – Member

June 9, 2014