Living in a Media Hype

The photo shows me inhabiting a billboard in Queens, New York, 2006

Living in Media Hype, 2001/2006

This project is a research of possibilities of living in a media hype, billboards and other commercial signs: how to exploit the existing urban infrastructures and make them inhabitable. The advertising boards are reaching enormous sizes and some of them even have electricity so they are in a way perfect for inhabitation of different social groups. Unutilized urban inventories would gain whit this strategy double use; residential communicational console and attractive external advertising. This kind of housing could exist in a symbiotic-parasitic relationship between the host: commercial board that would provide the space and possibly electricity and the guest that would provide different types of activities which could go on inside the gained space.


The project was first conceptualised in 2002, with Boštjan Kavčič where we started thinking about exploiting and parasitizing one of the existing billboards or building up a new one with living space inside. Here are few proposals.