Video of installing the parasite pavilion in the shopping area, Ljubljana.

LOOP, 2004

Project is based as a recycling platform that exploits waste materials that emerge as side effect of consumer society; from printed propaganda materials, plastic bags, cards and other packaging that can be found in every Slovenian home. From that waste the building elements such as paper bricks and plastic bags roof tiles were constructed and finally the whole pavilion was built with them.

The pavilion is mobile and can change forms and therefore parasites any building or structure. It is also designed for listening to the city’s noise that is caused by private telephone conversations, police, taxi drivers, a fireman and radio broadcasters. Inside the paper bricks made of used printed propaganda materials, the radio frequency scanner, antenna and sensor of motion are installed. Each visitor to the pavilion can eavesdrop to these conversations that are making the digital noise of the city.

The pavilion was first shown, placed as a parasite to the billboard advertising: “This is my city” in BTC (the largest shopping mole area in Ljubljana), where material and non-material waste was restored as ephemeral architectural parasite shelter and as a sound space – the big ear.


Project was realized in two phases:

1. Phase: Making of the pavilion in the gallery.

2. Phase: Transfer to public location parasitizing the billboard in the city.